Create a new healthcare system through passion and imagination - HealthTech|MSD


MSD' s HealthTech

This is the first program of its kind started in Japanese healthcare industry which aims to support the business development of new startups trying to penetrate healthcare space. Leading a pharmaceutical company(MSD) have come to offer this mentoring program.

HealthTech program seeks to resolve the range of issues faced by Japanese healthcare industry, among them are aging population and growing healthcare costs, as well as need to contribute for better quality of life for patients. We want to create a range of services and solutions that can contribute in solving the stated challenges via strong mentoring and support to startups.

Create a new healthcare system through passion and imagination - HealthTech|MSD

MSD Offerings

  • MSD representatives, with their expertise in the healthcare sector, offer mentoring on an ad-hoc basis
  • Provide access to network of healthcare professionals on need basis
  • Provide specialized knowledge of healthcare industry and advice with correct understanding of industry regulations

    E.g., knowledge on healthcare industry issues, trends and point of view of medical practitioners and patients, etc
  • Holding a business plan contest that challenges medical challenges

This web site will be updated on an ongoing basis with details on the program and its progress.

Seeking to develop new businesses and services that can contribute to the healthcare sector, the HealthTech program is designed to create a community between startups, their clients, and business partners.

We are looking forward to building the future of the healthcare industry with passionate startups who bring excellent technology and concepts to the table.

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